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What Clients Are Saying
Selling my first home and purchasing another was a breeze with Jan, Dale and Julie! Jan’s experience and knowledge with what repairs were needed, overseeing that the repairs were done correctly and making the necessary updates to get the value out of my home was truly a blessing! If every company worked like this laws and licenses wouldn’t be necessary. They truly have the best intentions for their client, regardless of their knowledge about home repairs! We had been ripped off by contractors who did shoddy work and then they disappeared, or blamed something else and then disappeared. When selling my house I truly thought I had major plumbing and possibly electrical problems because of bathroom tiles that cracked and knocking pipes. It turned out it was a simple fix and my house was actually in great shape for its age. Teel realty had the experience and knowledge to navigate the world of contractors who can operate without impunity and they also taught us a lot along the way! They really do hold your hand throughout the whole experience, I can’t recommend them enough.
Stephanie C. — 5 star Review

I just had the opportunity to work on the opposite side of a transaction with Jan and Lauren of Teel Realty. We had a couple of hiccups that a lesser agent would have not handled very well, but Jan and Lauren were professional and kept their cool throughout the process. I can't say enough how refreshing it is, to get to work with such professional real estate agents on the other side of a transaction.

Scott Hartis reviewed Teel Realty — 5 star